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Arcadia is a professional services consultancy specialising in the design and delivery of sustainable change solutions.

We know that the adoption of new behaviours and ways of working means a critical focus on the motivation and engagement of the whole organisation. Unfortunately, too often the emphasis centres on “what” the organisation is trying to achieve rather than “why” or “how”.

We work with clients to establish a change architecture, nurturing the mindset, skills and behaviours needed by those leading and managing the business, as well as interventions to engage teams and inspire new ways of working.

One simple desire drives our work – to inspire high performance and help organisations and their people be the best they can possibly be.

Arcadia Consulting and its partners have engaged with clients in many industries and countries. Our work is focussed on these key areas:

Driving sustained organisational changeEmbedding a client-centric cultureLeading for high performanceEstablishing an empowered risk culturePartnering and collaborating for resultsBuilding resilience.

“It’s a great pleasure working with Arcadia. If you’re looking for something or someone to take your performance to the next level, be it individually or for a team, then look no further than Arcadia.

My only regret is that I didn’t start working with them sooner”
Operations Director, RBS Group 

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We're architects of change: excellent at transformational change and enhancing the performance of both organisations and individuals.

An Evening with Heroes

Over the past few months we have had the privilege of working with the Friends of the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment to support them in the delivery of a unique fundraising event.

High Performance Teamwork: Lencioni and Beyond: A look at the most recent research in teamwork

There is a great deal of new knowledge about the way that teams operate, not only from the field of psychology but also from anthropology and neuroscience. In these fields there have been major advances due to breakthroughs in technology.

Dwindling public and customer trust is back making headlines

Reading the UK papers last week, it would be easy to conclude that trust in British institutions may have fallen to an all time low. As the latest furor over banking bonuses was dying down, the Ellison report into potential corruption and the role of undercover police in the Stephen Lawrence murder inquiry, took the issue of trust right back onto the front page.

"You must be the change you want to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi

Breakfast with Binder and Boris

One of our core values at Arcadia is about giving back to society, and for the past few weeks Arcadia has been working behind the scenes with friend and wildlife artist Adam Binder in preparing for this event.

Build Resilience Case Study

Our client, a professional services organisation had just merged two of its largest and most well established divisions. The integration was tough and a pulse survey revealed that people were finding it hard to make the transition to the new world.

Partner and collaborate for results case study

Our client, a global investment bank, wanted to increase the effectiveness of relationships between its internal teams and Tier 1 external partners.

Lead for high performance case study

Our client was one of the world’s largest universal banks. It needed to rebuild its management and leadership capability in order to meet a myriad of business, regulatory and cost challenges.


Arcadia aims to offer its clients world-class expertise in everything we do. This means partnering with best-in-class organisations that offer complementary skills and expertise.


Princess-of-Wales The Friends of the PWRR has been set up to raise funds in support of one of the most decorated Infantry Regiments in the British Army. The Friends of the PWRR are driven by the desire to do whatever they can to help the Regiment during and after periods of service whether it is assistance in making life a little easier to cope with an acquired disability or supporting soldiers as they make the transition from Army to civilian life. Arcadia are proud to work with the Friends to shape public relations and fund raising activity and to provide coaching support for past and present soldiers in the Regiment.