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Email: | Europe & Americas enquiries: +44 (207) 846 0016 | Asia Pacific enquiries: +852 3568 5361

Local Authority – Establishing Culture Change Journey

Our client is one of the largest country councils in England, were moving from being a supplier of services to a commissioning organisation, largely due to their budgets shrinking. Although they were already part-way through the change process, leaders and employees were finding it difficult to articulate a compelling vision of the future. It had become obvious that not only was behavioural change required, but also employees needed to be fully engaged in the future vision.

After thorough research which involved stakeholder interviews, focus groups and external benchmarking, Arcadia’s team of specialist consultants were ready to work with the Council Management Board to develop a strategic narrative - a story of the county council’s journey that everyone could understand. The story created the context for change as well as outlining the work and behaviours required to enable that change. This gave employees a shared goal to work towards.

Arcadia worked with the  Council to develop an engagement and communications plan, which involved delivering a Leadership event for the top 400 leaders, equipping them with a toolkit to share the story with their teams after the event. We also developed a team of Change Catalysts from council employees, whose job was to accelerate change through a series of workshops and events.

Many other professional services organisations just deliver what is expected. Arcadia exceeded expectations and were always ready to ‘go the extra mile’.

All elements of the project were well managed, events were delivered to a very high standard and the feedback has been ridiculously good!

Council Transformation Leader