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Email: | Europe & Americas enquiries: +44 (207) 846 0016 | Asia Pacific enquiries: +852 3568 5361

Arcadia: connecting globally and socially

Last week, the extended Arcadia family, our core team and our coaches, came together for a team day – a chance for us to catch up, share experiences and review the progress of our global work programmes. It was a fantastic opportunity to 'turn the spotlight' on ourselves and, as is part of our Arcadia values, look for new ways to create innovative and engaging programmes for our clients.

At Arcadia, we are looking at new ways to utilise technology, working within a virtual delivery space and helping to connect and train global teams without them leaving their desk. It’s a new space for us, we’re enjoying it, learning a lot – and the client is already seeing the benefits. Since January, we’ve started another global programme of manager training within the finance field and have moved into phase two of our Inspiring High Performance programme with Deutsche Bank – taking our coaches all across the world. Our coaches shared their experiences of their journeys and each brought a new tip, facilitation technique or story for the whole team to learn from.

Communicating and engaging with our extended network of coaches is an important priority for us and we’re beginning to use social networking to do this. Learning from our coaches and how they already use social networking was a great sharing experience. We’re using Twitter to share the latest updates and good practice on transformational change. You can see Arcadia’s tweets, in real time, on the home page of our website or follow us on Twitter @Arcadia_Change.

It wasn't all work, work, work... voice coach Constance Lamb came along and in a highly interactive session taught us how to breathe diaphragmatically to project our voices. Engaging the whole team, she helped us look at ways to control our breathing to enable us to deliver key messages, something that will be of use to all of us and especially our facilitators as they embark on another leg of global face-to-face delivery.

We enjoyed our day so much, we are planning another event for later this year; it will beanother chance to engage with, learn from and stay connected (globally and socially) with the extended Arcadia family.