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Email: | Europe & Americas enquiries: +44 (207) 846 0016 | Asia Pacific enquiries: +852 3568 5361
Email: | Europe & Americas enquiries: +44 (207) 846 0016 | Asia Pacific enquiries: +852 3568 5361

Culture Change

Arcadia partner with clients that are going through change.

We focus on the mind-sets and beliefs of people in organisations, rather than on processes and infrastructure, because we believe (and observe) that process improvement and business reorganisation, even strategy itself, is useless if people fail to engage with it.

Our five phased approach is based on insights from neuroscience, anthropology and psychology and has delivered positive cultural change in blue chip companies and public sector organisations across the globe.

Our five phased approach begins by drafting a clear, memorable contextual statement called a strategic narrative. It addresses the ‘what’s in it for me?’ questions and helps people understand why they’re being asked to change and how they can contribute to future success. Most importantly, it inspires them to do it.

The strategic narrative is followed by a series of phased interventions that are designed to communicate and embed the required behaviors and culture. This is planned alongside and integrated with business activity so that we can help our clients achieve sustainable and measurable culture change.

Phase 1:

We work with senior leaders and stakeholders to express the strategy and desired change as a clear story and architectural blueprint that everyone can read, understand and engage with.

Phase 2:

We equip leaders and influencers to tell the story in their own words and lead the onward engagement of their people.

Phase 3:

We help employees throughout the organization understand and engage with new ways of working. We coach teams to deliver tangible business improvements.

Phase 4:

We build commitment and belief in new ways of working through consistent communication, alignment of organisational practices and bottom up examples of behavioural change.

Phase 5:

We drive continued innovation, and refinement of the approach in line with the organization as it evolves.

Through our approach to culture change we help our clients…

Drive Value

Living the brand – aligning internal behaviours with your external brand story
Client centricity – re-framing internal and external partnerships to be “outside in”
Employee engagement – involving, aligning and exciting teams about their role in future success
Top-line growth – creating a challenging and vibrant sales focus

Drive Efficiency

New systems implementation – overcoming resistance and inertia
Doing more with less – creating enthusiasm in times of cost reduction
Breaking down silo’s – improving cross division/ cross border collaboration
Embedding a risk and compliance culture – from ‘big brother’ to ‘collective business imperative’
Positively engaging new structures – Shared service, outsourcing, restructuring and mergers

Drive Performance

Too much change – a sense of fatigue to embracing change as a constant
Unlocking your potential – managing daily interferences to increase personal performance
Unlocking team performance – leaders and managers who clear the way
Strengths based organisations – leveraging talent to inspire outstanding performance
Seat at the table – moving back office functions from execution to trusted business partners
The arcadia approach is so simple, it allows us to establish real focus on our outcomes and engage the whole team in achieving them. Whats more we have felt supported along the whole journey and have been totally impressed by the quality of each intervention
Retail client lead